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Taking A Much Closer Look At Coffee Consumption In The United States


If you’re looking to have a hot cup of coffee to start off your day, you are certainly not alone. After all, when it comes to coffee consumption, more than 60% of it will be consumed during what is considered “breakfast hours.” Following that, nearly one third will be consumed during meals and only about 5% will be consumed as a part of meals outside of breakfast. Therefore, it is clear to see that many people rely on a hot cup of coffee to get going in the morning. The data surrounding exactly how many people drink coffee in this country also shows this to very much be the case.

After all, up to one third or so of the population will drink coffee at least occasionally. And more than half of all adults found throughout the United States even drink coffee on a daily basis. And the average amount of coffee consumption is more than a cup and a half in this same span of time. Some people will even drink three or more cups of the stuff on a daily basis as well. But why, exactly, is coffee so very popular?

For one thing, there are many varieties of coffee out there. Hot drip coffee is particularly common and popular, making up nearly 70% of the coffee that is sold at any given coffee shop. This hot coffee is simple to make and affordable, making it the obvious choice for many coffee drinkers out there. In addition to this, hot drip coffee can easily be modified to meet your personal tastes. With only just over one third of call coffee drinkers taking their hot drip coffee black, more than 60% of coffee drinkers will add cream or sugar to their hot coffee – and often even a combination of the two, for that matter.

Specialty hot coffee drinks are also available, with espresso based drinks even accounting for more than 30% of all coffee sold in coffee shops throughout the country. And from the cappuccino to the latte to the americano and beyond, more than half of the population enjoys these specialty coffee beverages at least now and again, if not on a more regular basis. And if hot coffee is not necessarily your thing, you’re in luck, as hot coffee is certainly not the only way that one might enjoy coffee beverages. In addition to this hot coffee, iced coffee and cold brew have also become more popular than ever before. After all, cold brew or iced coffee is likely to be much more enjoyable on a hot summer day than hot coffee would be.

And hot coffee and other varieties of coffee can even have a number of health benefits. For one thing, they help us to wake up and get focused in the morning, something that can help us to be far more productive at our places of work than we would otherwise be. And having a coffee cup of hot coffee on a daily basis, ideally around three times a day, can even reduce our risk of developing any type of dementia in our later years. The research that has so far been conducted into this topic is quite promising indeed, showing that an up to 65% decrease in dementia risk, including risk of Alzheimer’s disease, is seen in those who drink anywhere from three cups of coffee to five cups of the stuff. Therefore, there are many reasons to drink coffee, whether you drink it hot or cold or a combination of the two.

Frequenting a local coffee shop is also ideal, as you will be able to support a local business instead of a larger corporation. Fortunately, independent coffee shops have been having their moment in the sun, coming into more success than ever before. As a matter of fact, up to $12 billion in revenue is generated by these independent coffee shops over the course of one single year – and this is a number that is only set to increase as time passes on and more and more people fall in love with coffee, hot or cold or both.

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