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A Delicate Touch For A Beautiful Dish Why More Restaurants Are Embracing Crystallized Flowers

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A little goes a long way. This saying can be applied to several areas of life.

How much deep conditioner you use, how much soda you drink during the workweek. When it comes to your restaurant, it’s the small details that paint a larger picture. Customers today have the pick of the litter when it comes to quality food. Making your establishment stand out is more than just doubling down on your marketing campaign. It means embracing the art of the dish, down to the last touch that makes it go from simple food to an edible painting.

Organic micro greens are a lovely visual punch you can add to just about any dish or pastry.

The History Of The Organic Micro Green And Candied Edible Blossom

History is filled with enduring lessons about what makes a dish stand out. Sometimes it’s best not to reinvent the wheel, but just look back at what’s remained popular. Micro greens are estimated to have been in the culinary industry for a few decades, though these past few years have seen a rising popularity among customers. You can find an edible candy flower to top off your cupcakes or toss in herb crystals to give your salad a more vibrant appearance. Little by little you’ll show your customers just what makes your restaurant stand out from the competition.

Today’s Growing Upscale Restaurant Industry

Eating out has never quite gone out of style. Even with more people than ever strapped for cash, the fun of trying out new food at a beautiful establishment remains the highlight of the week. The average fine dining cost per person in the United States sits at $30, with the Bureau Of Labor Statistics finding households with incomes of $100,000 responsible for 35% of all eating away from home. Overall, the upscale segment of the restaurant industry makes up around 10% of total American restaurant revenue. Organic micro greens are your proverbial net in a huge ocean.

Social Media’s Contributions To Micro Green Varieties

Who should you thank for the growing interest in sugar flowers and organic micro greens? Just take a look at social media. One of the largest and most active Flickr groups today is called ‘I Ate This’, including over 300,000 photos contributed by nearly 20,000 members. Customers don’t just visit a restaurant to enjoy tasty food. They want a full experience that leaves a positive impact on their emotional and mental well-being. Imagine the positive emotions you’ll inspire in your clientele when they’re presented with artistic, carefully arranged dishes.

Psychology Behind Plating For Adults And Children

Plating is a meticulous process that requires the arrangement of complimenting food types and colors. When it comes to your own presentation, dipping into psychology will keep you from going too far or providing too little. Children generally prefer more colors and food types, at six and seven, respectively. Adults, on the other hand, are more minimal at three and three, respectively. All age groups, however, love the beautiful panache provided by organic micro greens.

Choosing The Right Petite Micro Greens And Edible Blossoms

Micro greens take careful handling and storage to be brought from the kitchen to the customer. A form of edible greens produced from young vegetables and herbs, these come in a stunning array of varieties to give your menu that extra something. Micro greens should be handled with the aid of a professional, as they require protection from light and fluctuating temperatures to retain their signature appearance. Crystallized edible flowers are incredibly popular for pastries and treats. You can even try edible flowers used as teas.

It’s all in the details. How will you make your menu stand out in your customers’ eyes?

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