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Ice Cream Cups and Supplies for Frozen Treats


What do we all scream for? Ice cream, of course! Talk about a popular dessert and snack treat! Ice cream is incredibly popular among Americans. In fact, in one year, ice cream will be eaten 28.5 times by the average U.S. consumer. That’s a whole lot of cool and creamy fun!

There’s a lot of great reasons to explain this popularity. Let’s make a list and look at some of the reasons why ice cream is such a big hit with the public, and let’s include looking at the many benefits of good quality ice cream cups, which add to the joy of the ice cream-eating experience.

<Consumers are Health Conscious
After the churning process, ice cream contains actually over 50% air. While traditional ice cream on the average may have a higher fat content than consumers are looking for, an occasional treat in moderation is reasonable. This is especially true when ice cream is eaten in ice cream cups, which have no calories, fat or sugar–as opposed to cones.

<It is Easy and Quick to Eat
Ice cream makes a bright and appealing presentation. In fact, frozen treats are enjoyed by ninety percent of U.S. households. And, like most frozen desserts, ice cream is served mainly in ice cream cups or cones.

<It is Fun to Eat
Good, sturdy ice cream cups make eating this delicious treat fun! How many times have you fumbled with paper ice cream cups or frozen yogurt cups that don’t hold the frozen treat well, or that leak? Ugh! This won’t happen with well-made ice cream cups.

<It is Attractive to Look At
Ice cream is available in an bright rainbow of flavors such as chocolate, banana, caramel and coffee (plus dozens and dozens more)! Ice cream cups and ice cream spoons offer a nice portion of frozen dessert. Usually frozen dessert supplies like fun dessert cups are easily disposable and available in a variety of bright, pretty colors–all designed to add to the fun of the dessert experience.

To sum up, what is cool and fun any time? That would have to be frozen treats! And if you’re serving a high-quality dessert, it is easy to see, and completely logical to understand, that it is critical to have high-quality dessert supplies such as sturdy and attractive ice cream cups.

Investing in durable ice cream cups and ice cream spoons (or frozen yogurt spoons, custom ice cream cups, gelato cups and gelato spoons, for example) is a key ingredient to snack time enjoyment. Ice cream cups and supplies that are sturdy, attractive and easy to use by both big and little hands is a serious aspect of creating a fun ice cream-eating experience!

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