Healthy Local Food New wood,Reclaimed wood round table,Solid wood table top 9 Pro Tips and Tricks to Get That “Farmhouse Chic” Look

9 Pro Tips and Tricks to Get That “Farmhouse Chic” Look


There is a saying, “Everything old is new again.” When it comes to home, office, or restaurant decor, that is really true. One trend that circles around periodically is the style known as “farmhouse chic.” For those who want this style and care about the environment, there are a lot of “green” materials that can be used such as reclaimed wood paneling. For example, when reclaimed wood paneling, or other reclaimed wood, is used, the energy used will be less than ten times what would be needed to get the same look with freshly cut trees.

  1. Start with your reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood paneling works great for ceilings, walls, and floors. This has become so popular that it can be bought at any local home repair or do it yourself (DIY) store. You can also get rustic furniture made from reclaimed wood. It is also great for restaurant table tops. There are really more options for this material that you may be able to imagine.
  2. Open up your shelving. While this may also be a mainstay of modern furniture, it actually was started in farmhouse kitchens. The people who lived this kind of lifestyle needed to have everything in a place that was easy to get to. They also used open shelving in other rooms of the house to show off more valuable and aesthetically pleasing pieces of art or decorations. You can build the shelves onto a wall or use other pieces such as a sideboard or buffet area.
  3. Look into butcher blocks. These can be used as counters and tables in the kitchen and dining area. When the”farmhouse chic” was the norm, most people did not have access to tile, granite, marble, and quartz so they used what they had an abundance of. That was wood. Butcher blocks can change up the decor of your home, cafe, or restaurant.
  4. Bring in a farmhouse sink. Few things will give your kitchen a real farmhouse look like a genuine farmhouse sink. When they were the standard in homes, they had to be super large to accommodate all of the things people used the sinks for. When most people think of this kind of sink, they think of porcelain, but that is not your only option. If you want a more upscale look, you should take a look at galvanized metal or copper.
  5. Look at wood beams. There are a few places to put these in. If you have flat ceilings in your home, you can have some wood beams put in. If you have rafters or beams in your home, they are probably painted. Sand them down and stain them to draw attention to them. This can add warmth to your home or business.
  6. Consider adding sliding barn doors. There are a few reasons to think about putting these in your home. The aesthetic effect is amazing. These will bring the “country cool” look to your space. The benefits do not end there. These are also good options for areas where you need a doorway but do not have the space for conventional doors, which need a space to open.
  7. Bring in lantern style lighting. These can be made from several materials such as galvanized steel, wrought iron, and copper. You also have options for how they are placed in your space. You can attach them to your walls or hang them from the ceiling. Either way, it is a great look.
  8. Make your fabrics natural.There are a lot of options here as well. if you go with natural fabrics such as burlap, linen, wool, and jute, you get a dose of texture. You can also use leather or animal skins to do the job. One great addition to a farmhouse dining area is a nice tablecloth with a subdued animal print or checked pattern.
  9. Bring in a farmhouse table.;These can be used in a number of areas of your home. These look great when they are used in dining areas and kitchens but can work well in other areas of your space.

There are a lot of routes you can take, from using reclaimed wood paneling to farmhouse sinks. These tips can help you reach your destination, “farmhouse chic.”

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