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Quality Catering Services to Show Your Employees You Care


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Running a business can be an exhilarating, rewarding, but also very trying endeavor. There are so many factors to consider to find the perfect balance of seeing your company succeed, managing and overseeing every aspect of operations, and providing a warm, happy, and healthy work environment for employees. Part of fostering a positive work environment can include bringing your employees together for different events and festivities to encourage a strong team spirit.

Corporate catering and events production services

Whether you are hosting a company team building luncheon, or throwing the yearly Christmas party, you are going to want to have the right food there. Potlucks can be fun on occasion, but they have their downfalls too. You can often end up with the same dishes over and over, or sometimes too many of one type of dish while another is completely missing. Using a catering service allows you to sidestep a lot of the organization while still providing a delicious and balanced feast for your employees. Sometimes the right caterer might even help you plan the rest of the event as well, as the activities of many events revolve around the food portion of the gathering. A catering crew providing full service event planning can throw your party together in no time, and have it pulled off without a hitch.

Why is a good event important?

It certainly depends on the type of event that you are hosting and who will be in attendance. But if you are planning something that focuses on your employees and shows them your appreciation, you will want the quality of the food and service to reflect that gratitude and respect you have. About 85% of businesses that have employee recognition programs report a notable rise in the happiness level of their employees. Feeling appreciated and recognized for the hard work that one does can go a long way, and contribute to the productivity and overall morale within a workspace.

This includes recognizing the diversity of your employees. One way to do this is to provide a variety of options when it comes to luncheons or catered events. Ensuring that there are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and other special dietary need options will let employees know that you care about their preferences, health, and wellbeing.

Create a happy, well fed workspace

Whether you are planning special work events or just trying to find the right
crew to cater your everyday options at the company cafeteria, making sure that your employees are well fed with healthy and nutritious meals can make a big difference. Employees are happier, and the more content they are, the more productive they are, which benefits the company as well.

On top of that, there are plenty of ways to interact with your employees that show your appreciation and interest in their wellbeing. One report showed that nearly three quarters of those employees who participated in a survey said that they were more likely to leave to find a new job if they don’t celebrate their accomplishments with their coworkers. This ties into employee recognition programs, and taking the time to build that team spirit.

On the other hand, another study showed that leaders who are highly engaged and interactive with their employees can often raise the engagement of employees as well, by as much as 39%. And exercises that focus on team building can help bridge the gap between employees and employers. Those engaged employees could turn around and apply that positive energy to higher work efficiency and more focused task completion, increasing the company’s productivity by 200%.

From finding the right catering team to carving out time for team building exercises, there are plenty of opportunities for you to increase the happiness and productivity levels throughout your business.

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