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4 Types of Beer and What Foods to Pair Them With


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You’ve likely heard of which foods pair well with certain types of wine. In fact, statistics from 2015 found that millennials purchased 42% of all wine sold in the United States. Many people love to visit their favorite wine stores to make their next beverage choice. That being said, there are many who still prefer pairing their meals with a delicious beer in favor of looking through merlots at a wine store. With that in mind, you’ll find it beneficial to learn about which beers go well with certain foods. Here is how to pair four popular types of beer with certain foods to create wonderful meals.

  1. Lager

    The type of beer known as lager originated from the Czech Republic. A distinguishing feature of lager is that it is produced using specific types of yeast. In Germany, lagers come in many different shades that range from pale to dark. However, England usually refers to a lager as a paler type of beer. Lagers are generally known for their lighter taste which might work well for someone who doesn’t want their beverage to have a strong beer taste. Considering that, a lager pairs well with many types of food. Specifically, choose a lager when preparing Mexican or Asian inspired meals.
  2. Stout

    A stout beer is known for being dark colored. There are several types of this beer available including those that are milk, imperial and dry stout. Guinness Draught, one of the most popular beers in the world, is a dry stout. That being said, a stout is extremely versatile with different flavors depending on the type of beer you choose. Sweeter stouts pair especially well with desserts including a coffee cake. With that in mind, a bitter stout will pair well with stews or chili.
  3. Pale Ale

    Statistics show that alcoholic beverage sales in the United States total up to about $220 billion per year. With that in mind, many of these sales are made from people purchasing pale ales. The pale ale gets its name from its coloring which is normally light in terms of shade. These ales usually have citrus, floral, or pine taste notes. That being said, most pale ales will have a bitter taste that comes from the hops used to make this beer. It’s wise to pair a pale ale with spicier types of foods, as the sweetness of this beer offsets the intense heat.
  4. Wheat Beer

    This type of beer gets its name from a large amount of wheat contained within the beverage. To be more specific, this kind of beer typically features a wheat content at or above 50%. Statistics show that independent craft brewing companies make up for nearly 12% of the overall beer industry. That being said, wheat beer is one of the oldest types of alcohol still being produced by many smaller brewing companies. One notable characteristic of this beer that separates it from others is that particles of wheat are typically floating in this drink. Don’t worry, the wheat particles are supposed to be there and actually help to give this beverage its distinct flavor. The notable lack of bitterness that wheat beers have causes these beverages to pair well with lighter foods including green vegetables and mild cheeses.

To summarize, it’s important to know which types of beers pair well with certain foods. Many people love visiting a wine store to find beverages to pair with a dinner. However, you’ll find that many types of beer can also make for great dinner pairings. It is important to note that certain wine stores can have quite a large beer section. Lagers will have many different shadings and pair well with either Mexican or Asian cuisine. Stouts are darker beers with some varieties featuring a notably sweet taste that makes for a great pairing when it’s time for dessert. Pale ales go great with spicier types of foods. Wheat beer features a notable lack of bitterness, making this beverage great to pair with lighter foods.

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