Health Benefits You Get from Eating Peanuts


Benefits of eating peanuts

In the United States, peanuts account for 67% of all nut consumption. Although most people think peanuts are actually nuts, they are not, but rather legumes and are the least expensive alternative for other nuts. There are many peanut products starting from their raw state to making of candy bars, chocolate, and peanut butter. In addition, their commercialization has enabled them to be packaged as boiled, salted, raw or dry roasted. For those people who have an allergy towards nuts, fear not because as earlier mentioned, they are not really nuts. However, there are some people who develop peanut allergy reaction and they find it difficult to consume it in its different forms.

Peanuts are not only delicious, but they have monounsaturated fat which is super beneficial to the body. Studies have found out that this fat content contributes towards a healthy heart by reducing the heart-related diseases. This legume also features vital nutrients such as vitamin E, manganese, niacin and other antioxidants like phenolic and resveratrol commonly found in red grapes. In addition to developing a healthy heart, there are several other health benefits of roasted peanuts.

Weight loss
According to an article by “The Journal of Nutrition” indicates that eating diets rich in peanuts or other nuts can significantly help manage your weight than other foods that discourage nuts. However, to fully realize the health benefits of peanuts, you must take them in moderation.

Healthy bones
Recent researches have shown that people who take peanuts develop strong bones due to magnesium nutrients in them. Unlike other sources of magnesium, peanuts offer the most convenient way to attain this nutrient.

Cancer free
Through studies, experts suggest that peanuts may help to minimize colon cancer. This is due to nutrients such as phytic acid, folic and resveratrol. It has a 58% lowered risk of colon cancer for women who consume it at least two times a week and a 27% lowered risk for men.

In conclusion, peanuts can be grounded to produce flour which contains 40-50% protein. It’s also gluten free and offers vegan benefits. Other health benefits of roasted peanuts include lowering the risks of diabetics, gallstones and Alzheimer’s diseases associated with aging.

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