Edible Flowers Make Enticing Food Accents

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Petite micro greens

There are perhaps 100 types of common garden flowers that are both palatable and edible. By adding a crystallized pansy to cookies, it takes them to another level. Sugar flowers for cupcakes or wedding cakes will long be remembered by your guests. For a Polynesian flair, add edible hibiscus sugar flowers.

Visits to fine-dining restaurants were up 3% in the past year. Thousands, if not millions more Americans dine in upscale restaurants. They love the attention given to the presentation of the food. Interestingly, when it comes to food presentation or plating, children prefer six food colors and seven different food components while adults prefer three colors and three food components.

The upscale segment of the restaurant industry makes up approximately 10% of total U.S. restaurant sales. According to data obtained from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), households with incomes of $100,000 or higher are responsible for 36% of the total spending on food away from home. They prefer the variety of specialty produce and plentiful nutrients available by adding microgreens to salads in contemporary eateries.

Microgreens have been around for 20-30 years. They are rated on a scale ranged from 1-5 with 5 being best. A marketability threshold on the visual quality scale of 3 is required. Less than that they are considered unmarketable.

Pansies have a mild, fresh flavor. They can be used to decorate cookies, cakes, fruit cups and tarlets. A crystallized pansy is coated with eggs white and then sprinkled with sugar. It is quite difficult to do this yourself as it is important that every bit of flower is covered to preserve it. But, they can be purchased and will last for up to one year.

Crystallized roses, rose petals, violas, and candied flowers have become very popular as well as the crystallized pansy. Edible flowers and plants add jewel-toned adornment to otherwise commonplace refreshments. The art of crystallized flowers is intricate but the beautiful colors add so much.

You can do a search online to see how to embellish your food with edible flowers and organic micro greens. Both microgreens and edible flowers make tasty admirable food accents.

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