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3 Ways Your Business Can Add Further Revenue Through Soft Drink Sales

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Did you know that the soft drink industry is worth about $60 billion in revenue? This is likely not surprising considering how ubiquitous the presence of soft drinks is, across a wide range of environments — whether it?s a fancy restaurant or a baseball park, you can probably find a soda there.

Many consumers may be unaware of exactly what goes into producing the soft drink they like so much. In the case of most commercial entities — whether it?s a restaurant or a movie theater — syrup that gives drinks their flavor and color is added to ?bubbly water? so as to create the soda. This allows for easier storage and also for fresh flavor.

How can businesses add further value to the revenue they produce through soft drinks? Let?s review.

Investing in the Right Materials and Supplies

Did you know that removing liquids from 55 gallon drums is a lot easier with a drum pump? The fact is, industries involved in transporting or storing large amounts of liquids should be investing in sanitary pumps already — like anything, the best tools for the job will produce the best results, and get the job done much more quickly.

Offering Larger Sizes for Small Increases in Price

If you?ve never actually priced it out, you might be surprised to learn that in most cases, soda will cost your business literal pennies per cup you serve. For this reason, it makes sense to ask customers if they would like to receive a larger size for a fairly small amount of money. Most people don?t really care about paying thirty more cents, especially if it means they can avoid having to wait for a refill. And what this means for you is that you can collect extra money over and over in this situation.

Offer Upscale Options

Not everyone likes drinking soda these days — especially considering how much bad press it gets. You can get people more interested in soda by appealing to their interests. Have healthier, selzer options as well as low-calorie drinks. You should also look into making fresh drink options — mixing soda water with fresh fruit can produce tasty results that don?t have any added sugar in them.

Do you work in an industry that makes use of sanitary pumps and electric drum pumps? How important has this been to you and the success of your business? Let us know in the comments.

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