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Get the Flavors of the Sea, Wherever You Are


Stone crabs

One of the most delicious, most delicate types of food is seafood. Considered a delicacy in some parts of the world, and a staple of the diet in many others, seafood, whether lobsters, freshwater shrimp, or stone crabs, plays an important role in the culinary traditions found around the globe. This is increasingly true in the United States which, thanks to the Florida Keys seafood industry, has a steady supply of some of the best seafood in the world.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Floridian seafood industry generates more than $8.2 billion in sales annually. For those living in the area, the industry represents a way to try the fish and blue crabs found near jetties, oyster reefs, and other rocky areas in the region. However, what about those living far away? Don’t they deserve to enjoy the savory claws stone crabs are known for? Fresh seafood delivery lets everyone with a taste for the sea enjoy the treasures of Poseidon’s realm.

Limited, Seasonal Seafood
Much of what is gained when you have fresh seafood delivered is produce that can only be found during certain parts of the year. Consider, stone crab season only lasts from October 15 through May 15, putting a high demand on this American delicacy. According to Florida Lobstering, Spiny Lobster, a cousin to Maine’s larger, heavily-clawed variety, can only be fished between August 6 and March 31. For those who can’t get down to the Panhandle before the season is up, having fresh seafood delivered is a great way to enjoy the flavors of Florida, wherever they are.

To many, the health benefits of having fresh seafood delivered are the most important part of the process. Consider, according to the National Institutes of Health, people who eat high amounts of red meat are likely to have shorter life spans. Introducing just one extra serving of unprocessed red meat per day leads to a 13% increase of mortality due to a coronary event.

Seafood on the other hand is well known for improving human health, especially when it’s shellfish. According to SFGate, crab meat packs a whopping 16.45 grams of complete protein into every three ounce serving and is low in fat. What fat it does have is heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Further, the meat is known to be full of vitamin B12, a nutrient essential to healthy brain function and blood production. To some, having fresh seafood delivered means having a higher quality source of healthy protein.

Buying in Bulk Saves Money
Having fresh seafood delivered, in many cases, also means reducing costs by buying in bulk. According to, buying foods in bulk saves Americans as much as 31% over their normal grocery bills. Many reputable suppliers of seafood offer bulk rates for their delicious products, allowing salary-saving seafood to be delivered across the country.

If you’re a lover of seafood, for its health benefits or its flavor, yet you live outside of the seafood centers of the United States, then consider having fresh seafood delivered. Doing so, you can have seasonal seafood that can improve your health and save you money. Read this website for more information:

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