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Archive for May 28th, 2013

May 13

Making Your Steak Delicious

Best steaks online

Ever since 1910 when the statistics were first compiled, Americans have been clocked with eating 60 pounds of beef on average every year. That is a lot of beef!

Many people now buy steak online, as it can often be less expensive than shopping options, and there are also a wider range of choices available. If you decide to order steaks online, just make sure that the online steak company you use is reputable, and packs your food in a way that keeps it safe and fresh until it gets to you. When you buy steak online make sure you understand what cut of beef you are getting.

When meat cooks, it loses water that is present within the meat. This is why a well done piece of meat is often very dry. Most people tend to prepare medium to medium rare cooked meat. If you are concerned about the safety of the meat, then it is better to cook it closer to the well done range, which is typical for most burgers, for example. Vegetables and other ingredients can be added to the meat in order to keep it moist without presenting any bacterial danger. Consider this when you buy steak online.

USDA prime beef, which makes up about two percent of the market, has more fat marbling, which makes it more flavorful and tender. This is something you should consider if you order steak online. Leaner cuts of meat will have less fat, but to make up for the loss in flavor you can add marinades and grill spices, et cetera. This can also be used to restore flavor to meats you have had to cook longer in order to make them family safe.

One tip for cooking after you buy steak online is to not move the meat until it is fully cooked on the side it is resting on. Sugars in the meat are what causes it to go brown and crusty on the cooking sides, and moving it prematurely will tear the meat and the effect of the sugars.

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