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The History Of The Refrigerated Truck How A Simple Patent Changed How We Looked At Transportation

The refrigerated truck has a pretty fascinating history.

Now is not the time to roll your eyes and scoff. It’s true! Much of what we take for granted today had to be invented, patented and manufactured at some point, including the reefer unit that allows us to transport a number of goods across long distances. Without these useful tools much of what we enjoy would just not be possible, much less in such a significant quantity, and the good news is that a reefer trailer for sale can be yours. All you have to do is know a few extra things about your tools and what they have to offer your routine.

It’s time to brush up on some American history and get down to brass tacks. What could a new reefer trailer do for you?

The Rise Of The Refrigerated Truck

Scoot over, wheel…there’s a new invention in town! The refrigerated truck is a staple of American life, ranging from the ice cream truck gliding throughout the neighborhood

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How Many Times a Week Does Your Family Eat Ice Cream?

The third time really was a charm!
After two unsuccessful trips to visit your older daughter’s favorite frozen yogurt store, you finally were able to make it downtown so that she could show her favorite visiting college friends her favorite frozen treats. The first two times that you traveled down town you had forgotten that this particular stop was always closed on Mondays. On this visit, however, you remembered the details about the hours and made the visit on the right day.
Frozen Yogurt Supplies Help Create a Popular Gathering Spot for Return Customers
From the ice cream spoons that you select to the paper ice cream cups, there are many opportunities to help brand any restaurant. In a time when there is an ice cream shop on nearly every corner, it should come as no surprise that there is a lot of competition. When the best ice cream s

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9 Pro Tips and Tricks to Get That “Farmhouse Chic” Look

There is a saying, “Everything old is new again.” When it comes to home, office, or restaurant decor, that is really true. One trend that circles around periodically is the style known as “farmhouse chic.” For those who want this style and care about the environment, there are a lot of “green” materials that can be used such as reclaimed wood paneling. For example, when reclaimed wood paneling, or other reclaimed wood, is used, the energy used will be less than ten times what would be needed to get the same look with freshly cut trees.

  1. Start with your reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood paneling works great for ceilings, walls, and floors. This has become so popular that it can be bought at any local home repair or do it yourself (DIY) store. You can also get rusti

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