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Expand Your Menu and Profitability with Commercial Grade Restaurant Equipment

Electric meat tenderizer

Annual sales within the restaurant industry are substantial. Recent figures show that they have reached $783 billion a year.

Even though many Americans will go out for fine dining experiences on a regular basis, 34% go out to a casual dining restaurant once a week. Consumers that participated in Technomic’s “2016 Pizza Consumer Trend Report” found that 41% of their participants ate pizza once a week. Furthermore, a Harris Poll found that America’s favorite comfort food was pizza.

Mexican restaurants are also quite popular. As of 2011, there were 38,000 restaurants that served Mexican cuisine. You may be interested to know that there were more Mexican restaurants than chicken rotisseries, Chinese restaurants, Italian bistros, or seafood shacks in the United States during that year.


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5 Tips for Reducing Your Meat Grocery Bill

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Feeding a family can get expensive. This is especially true if you want to provide them with the best meats, fruits, and vegetables. Meats alone can get pricey. Additionally, the better the quality that you serve, the more it is going to cost you. Fortunately, you can cut the costs of your meat grocery shopping trips with these buying tips.

Meal plan all meals
Meal planning prevents you from over spending on items you don?t really need or want. Without a meal plan, you might be tempted to purchase extras at the grocery store. For example, you might spot a box of frozen steak on sale. If your family does not enjoy frozen steak and it does not get eaten, however, it is a waste of money. Before you shop, plan out all of your meals for the week. Only purchase meat items that f

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America Loves Coffee What An Independent Cafe Needs To Know To Succeed In A Busy Industry

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How do you like your coffee? Are you the type that’s raring to go in the morning and need an Americano to keep your energy at its highest peak? Perhaps you’re a student that looks forward to a toasty mocha after classes as your personal pick-me-up. Coffee really is the sweet spot that everyone can relate to, from the caffeine perks to the delicious taste to all the fun varieties that can be conjured up at a moment’s notice. Independent coffee shops don’t just know these. They love being the key ingredient to a busy country.

Why does America love coffee so much? Chalk that up to a country that’s known for always being on the move. The retail value of the American coffee market is thought to be at nearly $48 billion. Specialty coffees, in particular, constitute over half of the ove

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Buy Local – Stay Healthy

Thanks for visiting our site. There are so many reasons to buy local healthy food. We bring you news and information on buying local and staying healthy. We also run articles on related topic and bring you weather and financial information.

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