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Coffee World’s Most Famous Elixir


“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

This prescient statement came from one of the Ancient Greek’s most eminent philosophers. His name was Hippocrates and while many interpret this statement to mean legumes, whole grains, leafy greens, and fruit, Hippocrates may have also been hinting at another substance that would later take the world by storm–coffee.

The retail value of coffee in the United States is $48 billion, with specialty coffee comprising a 55% value share. So why does America love coffee so much? Simple. Here are three reasons.

Coffee helps boost energy. This is a well-known fact, as anyone who has drank coffee knows that coffee boosts energy with a little (or big) kick. Coffee contains caffeine, which some say is the world’s most used drug. It is a stimulant, known for

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Micro Greens Add Taste and Color to Any Dish

Organic microgreen seeds

Microgreens and edible flowers are tasty, attractive accents to any dish, dessert or cocktail. They?re turning up in salads and decorating soups, adding a snap of flavor to steak and potatoes and texture and interest to sandwiches. In fact micro greens and edible flowers have stormed the world of haute cuisine, and home cooks are now starting to learn about their value. The number and availability of micro green varieties continues to grow, making them more accessible and popular.

What are microgreens?
Microgreens aren?t small or new plants, they are miniature plants in themselves. They are typically one to two inches long. The plants are fully developed, with

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Facts On Coffee

Office coffee supplies

In the United States, there is no drink that is more beloved than the cup of coffee that people look to every morning. Sure, some people probably replace coffee with tea, but that is pretty rare. Actually, it is much more common to find someone that drinks both coffee and tea as opposed to finding someone that drinks tea in place of coffee.

Understand that coffee is so important for some people that they rely on this single cup office coffee to get them up in the morning. Some people even go to the length of avoiding taking to other people before they have that first cup of coffee that they need in the morning. While there are many health benefits that come along with drinking coffee, there are also some hazards that can be present to make sure you are informed.

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