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History Of Ice Cream How The Most Popular Dessert Has Changed Over The Ages

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Paper ice cream cups with lids

Why is ice cream and frozen yogurt so popular around the world, anyway? Is it the delectable and sweet sensation that comes in more flavors than you can shake a stick at? Or is it the fun factor, with everything from waffle bowls to cones to traditional foods to whet your appetite during the hot weather? The allure of ice cream and frozen yogurt is no mystery and has seen a comfortable niche in many different cultures for many hundreds of years. Nowadays dairies and shops see booming business as people, both local and worldwide, visit to have a delicious smoothie or tasting session. When it comes to keeping your brand going strong, keeping in mind common trends and preferences will go a long way in paving the way for success!

Ice Cream In America

These frozen dairy treats have been around as long as America has, though they’ve gone through many different forms as technology has advanced and demand has increased. Originally designated an expensive treat for the upper-class, cultural and economic shifts saw this iconic dessert being open to the masses. Nowadays the average American will eat ice cream almost 30 times ever year, with a recent survey revealing that 40% of Americans will eat ice cream every two-week period. Now that’s what I call love! There are nearly 3,000 frozen yogurt stores across the country, with some specializing in smoothies, milkshakes and unique frozen delicacies or flavors. When nearly 10% of all milk produced by American dairy farms are dedicated to ice cream alone, it’s gotta be good!

Ice Cream Around The World

So how does the rest of the world fare? The oldest form of ice cream was found in China, a simple mixture of rice and cold milk, as well as multiple countries in the Middle East. There were even entire underground cellars dedicated to maintaining cold treats, meaning ice cream could very well be one of humanity’s crowning culinary achievements! Nowadays many countries have become famous for their unique approaches to yogurt and ice cream, from Italy’s delicious gelato to Japan’s ice cream mochi. Gelato differs from traditional American ice cream due to containing a higher concentration of milk fat and around 25% air, creating the creamy and heavy consistency we all know and love.

Favorite Ice Cream Supplies

There are a wealth of supplies used to serve ice cream every day. Cups for ice cream can range from small drink cups to large frozen dessert cups, while cones can come both in classic forms and large waffle bowls. Although the small cones are very popular, especially during holiday seasons when everybody is out and about, bowls have come into favor for their portability and smaller mess. When it comes to flavors, vanilla still reigns supreme as the go-to option for most customers at 28%. Additional flavors like pistachio, chocolate, rocky road, strawberry and various combinations of sorbet follow close behind in terms of classic favorites. Toppings are still incredibly popular and specific kinds, like cherries and sprinkles, remain iconic favorites for many.

Supplying Your Store

It’s essential you keep a steady supply of the most popular items on hand, to better accommodate your customer base and keep them coming back for more. Tasting spoons are ideal for multiple reasons — they allow your customers to try flavors before they buy (nothing’s worse than someone wanting a refund!) as well as turn something mundane into something fun. Keeping a variety of paper cups and different cones on hand will also ensure that no matter the situation, be it a group of excited birthday kids or a romantic couple, will have just the right yogurt supplies. With these important tips, you can be rest assured you’ll be fit to tackle any challenge that comes your way!

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