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Are You Eating a Heart Healthy Diet? Avocado Can Save You From a Heart Attack

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Hummus guacamole

Stumped about what to bring to a party? Guacamole dip continues to be a crowd favorite: chopped onions, tomato, cilantro, garlic, and avocado. This appetizer is simple and versatile, and can even be assembled at the party location to maximize freshness and to prevent browning of the avocado.

Even though the avocado is technically a fruit, it is considered a vegetable and is used in many recipes throughout the world. There are many guacamole health benefits: the avocado is high in “good fat,” and filled with vitamins and fiber. It can be added to hamburgers, eggs, greek yogurt dips, and even eaten on top of toast.

In general, eating fruits and veggies is a great idea. Not only does their daily consumption tend to lower heart attacks and strokes, they improve digestion and are associated with better general health. Guacamole ingredients such as onion and tomato can be put into stirfries, eaten in an omelet, and even put through a juicer for health benefits.

Lettuce wraps are another option for eating guacamole ingredients. Putting some guacamole in a leaf of lettuce with beans and rice is a delicious way to get beans (legumes) into a healthy diet.

Beans are said to lower cardiovascular disease, and go well as a side dish to a guacamole sandwich. A mere third of an ounce of hummus (a chickpea dish) will satisfy recommended levels of beans/legumes in a healthy diet every week.

Classic guacamole recipes use similar ingredients, though guacamole ingredients can vary slightly. A perfect dinner for heart health? Black bean and goat cheese tacos with guacamole, cedar planked salmon, and some cucumber dill yogurt dip with pretzels for dessert. Guacamole can include black pepper, celery salt, or even cayenne pepper for variety, and is considered both delicious and very healthy to eat.

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