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Mar 18

The History and Importance of Food Packaging

Checkweigher machine

Have you ever wondered how our packaged food is made, and how it’s kept safe? From the food metal detector to the pouch filling machine, it is quality food inspection and packaging that makes it possible for people in the modern world to eat conveniently and safely.

The History of Packaging

We’ve been packing products for a long time now, but the technology has advanced dramatically over the years. Industrial packaging machines are now capable of using a food metal detector and x-ray food inspection to ensure what is packaged is not contaminated. At the same time, packaging has become more efficient and less wasteful. In 1977, a soda bottle that could hold a volume of 2 liters weighed 68 grams. That same volume of liquid is now being held in bottles of only 47 grams, yet they are just as durab

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Oct 16

Latest Trends and Overview of Food Packaging

Plastic clamshells

Food packaging is a critical part of the process of moving food items from the original location to grocery stores. Consumers expect that the food they purchase is fresh and conforms to the regulations required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

While food packaging is an established industry, there are new developments in technology every year. Here is a quick overview of the functions of food packaging, food packaging machines, and trends in the industry.

The Functions of Food Packaging

The functions of food packaging include many aspects relating to making the purchase of food an easy to understand and safe process for consumers. Two of the most important aspects to understand about food packing are protection and security.

  • Protection amounts to both physical

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