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Category: Frozen yogurt cups wholesale

Jun 17

How About Quality Frozen Food Spoons?

Paper ice cream cups

Although there is a wide range of frozen treats available, you need a spoon to fully enjoy the sweetness that comes with some of these desserts. There are a number of spoons used for two main reasons, either serving or sampling. But depending on the specific frozen food, spoons can greatly vary in their application. While there are those that are specifically used to eat ice creams or frozen yogurt, you can get an all-frozen treat spoon that you can use on any frozen dessert.

If you own an ice cream shop, a gelateria or a cafe, you really need a stock of spoons. They can either be ice cream or frozen yogurt spoons, but it’s important to have the disposable ones for commercial reasons. Disposable tasting spoons are relatively cheap as compared to other spoons available, and they are typically made fro

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Mar 16

Frozen Yogurt Businesses Continue to Grow in Popularity

Paper ice cream cups

The popularity of some desserts fades as fast as it starts. Other sweet treats, however, seem to have greater staying power. When it comes to Americans and their favorite dessert, it is difficult to compete with ice cream and other frozen yogurt treats. In fact, 90% of Americans admit to regularly indulging in a sweet, frozen treat.
The following statistics verify the popularity of America’s passions for frozen desserts:

  • 40%–the percentage of Americans eat ice cream in any two week period
  • 28.5–the number of times a year the average American eats ice cream
  • 2,582–the number of frozen yogurt stores in America

New business entrepreneurs understand America’s love for ice cream

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