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Archive for March 15th, 2018

Mar 18

Wine Trends Reflect Changing Tastes of Millennials

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The U.S. is now officially the world’s largest consumer of wine, and it may be the changing tastes of millennials that are responsible for the shift. Not only do they drink more wine than older generations, they also explore newer varieties and artisanal wines. Wine has traditionally been the liquor served at weddings, but is now being used creatively for various social occasions. From wine and cheese evenings to yoga with wine sessions, the world of wine-lovers continues to evolve and change.

A nation of wine drinkers?
The amount of wine consumed per capita by Americans has been rising steadily. It has grown from 1.74 gallons of wine per capita in 1993 to 2.82 gallons in 2013, according to the Wine Institute. Millennials seem to be driving this trend, drinking more wine

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Mar 18

5 Fun Facts About America’s Drinking Habits

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Have you ever wondered how your wine and spirits purchases and consumption compared with everyone else’s? Read on to find out!

  • People are drinking more wine in America than they used to. Back in 1993, Americans drank less than 2 gallons of wine per person every year. By 2013, we were drinking nearly 3 gallons of wine per capita. Impact Databank says now that the United States is the country consuming the most wine anywhere in the world. Wine and spirits are both up. Our per capita consumption of distilled spirits was at 1.6 gallons in 2015.
  • We have serious preferences when it comes to our wine and spirits. When talking about wine, there are five varieties we strongly prefer. Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. Our favo

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